Tuesday, August 6, 2013

7/30/13...Aloha Cole! It's been 21 months and two days since that rainy morning in October. You have come such a LONG way...you've been working so hard...you have NOT given up...you continue to inspire! Your balance is getting so much better, if we could just get that spasticity in that left leg under control, you would be walking in no time! But the leg IS slowly coming around and I am certain you WILL be walking, running, SURFING! More and more you are using the walker to get around in the house, (assisted) instead of the wheelchair. You have some great therapists here on Maui and they are coming up with some very challenging therapy and I must say you are rising to the to the challenge daily. We were at Puamana recently and we got a lot of water time in and it was much easier for you to control your movements in the water than before! You have now started to get in and out of bed by yourself...all of a sudden you just show up at my bedside! I guess I was taking to long to get up! You are also transferring yourself into your chair in the front room! Getting sick of waiting for me to get off the computer! You cruise to the fridge to see what there is to eat! Wheel over to the door to let the cat in! It's great to see you having SOME kind of independence! The other day you asked me if your brain had bruises on it. I explained that the bruises are gone but that the injury, the "sheering", will never go away. That 20 years from now if they did another MRI it would look the same as the ones they did after the accident, that your brain is "re-wiring". And re-wiring it is!! Next thing I knew you were googleing "sheering of the brain". Bless your ever loving heart! All this being said, there is still a long road ahead, but as you tell me almost daily, "I'm not giving up Mom!" You make me so proud, Bear! Stay strong and paddle on! I love you...to the moon and back... Mama Bear

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