Over the last 6 months, many of you have asked what you could do to help. 

Short of a visit to Cole and posts on Cole's Army, Mark and Nancy ask almost nothing of anyone. 

I know that as a sister, it is a helpless feeling not to be able to contribute in some meaningful way besides offering moral support and constant prayers. That is why I started this pledge lift the spirits of this most incredible family and to help offset the uncertain financial issues that will probably plague them for many years to come, if not a lifetime. Since Mark and Nancy would never ask for assistance themselves, I am making this request on their behalf. 

If you are so inclined, please take a moment to send a contribution to the Cole’s Army 2012 campaign. (You can also contribute by purchasing a Cole's Army T-Shirt)  Let's make a meaningful difference in their lives since, as we know, they have spent years making an incredible difference in all of ours. A most heartfelt thanks, in advance, for the love and support you are showing my family. They will be incredibly touched by your love and concern.

Love, Gale Hackshaw 
(Mark's sister) 

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  1. I saw one of your posters in a store in Manhattan Beach and was moved by your story in this blog.

    I have a coffee business here in Manhattan Beach and would love to be able to donate some 100% Kona coffee to your auction. You can reach me at ''