Tuesday, June 19, 2012

6.19.12...Hey, Bear! Doing GREAT! You are definetly moving into a new phase! It makes things a little tricky around here...You are trying to get up and do things yourself! Your brain says yes you can, but the body is not quite there yet! I turned my back for maybe two minutes, (which until recently was okay) when I came back in the room you were out of the living room chair! Knees on the ground, your trunk sprawled over the stool...pretty much stuck, but laughing. I asked you what you were trying to do and you said "I have to go to the bathroom". I'm really glad it was just a warning shot to me and that you didn't get hurt! Thank goodness Markie was here...It was pretty tough getting you up! It is really 24/7 now!! Really great progress, but just hoping your body catches up soon!! Off to therapy tomorrow, sweetie. Lets hope your frustration doesn't get the best of you! My heart is yours, Cole!! I love you... ♥ MB ♥

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