Wednesday, July 11, 2012

7.8.12...doors being blown down, Bear cub! Walking while holding the parallel bars...15 steps before resting...steps controlled...balance and posture pretty much maintained! Then, 10 or so steps with a walker (and other assistance from PT) but awesome! Yes...once again, you reduced me to tears of happiness and my heart was swollen with pride! Then stood up out of your wheelchair BY YOURSELF!!!! You have had lots of visitor this weekend...Ty, Spencer and his girlfriend Sara, Allan, Poon and Taylor Gee. You really enjoyed spending time with your homies! You also got a visit from sheba gagnon, too! She jumped right up on you!! Oh yeah...haven't used the feeding tube for over a month for food and haven't used it for meds for days now. You are knocking back your meds old school! PADDLE ON Cole! Once again...I love you! ♥ Mama Bear ♥

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