Sunday, July 29, 2012

7.29.12...Cole, 9 months and 1 day since the accident...Weight 132, (your all time low was 116), Feeding tube out, check (as of Friday), Botox to your right arm to help with the spasticity, check, sense of humor, as well as your sarcasm, in tip top form, mowing down your food, taking all your meds orally, able to tolerate decreasing some of your meds, making and answering phone calls, dialing some numbers by memory, commenting on facebook posts, playing games on your I pad, explaining to Hilary about your new cousin, including her name, (Tory Colette) fixing my I phone, finding a water bottle that neither Hil or I could find, taking steps with a walker (and some assistance) enjoying lunch out with Markie, Hilary and I, chiming in on conversations when I didn't even know you were listing to, some days your pain is better...Shall I go on? You've come such a long way and you are working so hard. You continue to inspire and amaze! Keep day this will be life will be yours again! I love you, Bear! ♥ mama ♥

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