Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May 16, 2012

Cole Bear...arrived home in Manhattan Beach last thusrday, the 10th of May...WOW! May already! Seems like Oct 28 was a million years ago, but also seems like yesterday. You have adjusted pretty well, (but gotta say, this 24/7 things...WOW...and I'll leave it at that) you don't recognize the house, but you do recognize the things inside! Tyler comes by almost daily and Pat has been in and out also! Chavez came in for the weekend, but went back to AZ on Monday. You started out-pt rehab at Long Beach memorial. New faces, new gym, long car ride, multiple car transfers, more adjustment, but you held up well today in spite of it all. I just wish your pain could be controlled. All I can seem to do is to take the edge off...never able to get you completely comfortable! Makes MB sad...frustrated! Hate to see you in pain..hate to see your brain struggling to remember what happened minutes before...hate to see you have to fight your own body, to see you want to eat ,but at the same time not be interested, to have every part of your control taken away...just breaks my heart, Bear! But, God is right next to the three of us through it all...keep day, my kid, it will all be over! I love you, Cole! ♥ Mama Bear ♥

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