Thursday, May 31, 2012

May 31, 2012

Well today was a big day. We were up early and off to Long beach Memorial for the Baclofen pump trial. The trial will show if you are a good candidate for the pump. (Muscle relaxer delivered to the spinal cord by way of a "pump" inserted in just under your skin) I was really looking forward to this being successful because it should ease your chronic pain and also reduce your spasticity and allow you to get more out of therapy. Well that being said, your spasticity didn't seem to be reduced too much, your BP dropped very low, broke into cold sweats and since we arrived home you have vomited (not to mention other gastrointestional issues). All in all, not that neat of a day! Haven't gotten the official word that this was not successful, but I have a funny feeling...One good thing, even if this pump cannot be used, Dr Gurskis will press on to find something to help ease your pain! I know I ask alot, and I appreciate ALL the progress and good fortune God has bestowed on us, but this CONSTANT pain must be relieved! You are so strong and are enduring so much...Noho ikaika...stay strong, sweetheart! I love every inch of you, inside and out! ♥ Mama bear ♥

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